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Aircraft Acquisitions

Our goal in representing you for the purchase of a new aircraft is not just to negotiate the best price, but to ensure your aircraft meets your current and future needs. Read on to learn more about our acquisitions process.

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Our first job representing you for an acquisition is to thoroughly understand your current and future needs so that we can tailor our research for compatible aircraft. After understanding your planned utilization, typical passenger counts, required amenities, regulatory, and budget requirements we will present, compare and contrast all aircraft types that would serve your needs.

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Once an aircraft type is selected, our comprehensive owner/operator databases, and decades of relationships enable us to quickly compile comprehensive details for all aircraft that meet your requirements. This includes aircraft that are already listed for sale but also those just about to come on the market. We’ll present you a comparison for each aircraft including its utilization, equipment, amenities, condition, maintenance status (completed and coming due) and the owners price expectations. ​For aircraft that don't currently meet all your requirements, where feasible, we'll present budgetary estimations on the modifications to bring the aircraft in line with the mission requirements.

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Once a prioritized short-list of candidate aircraft has been identified we will negotiate offers and prepare subsequent purchase agreements that detail pricing, deposits, escrow arrangements, delivery conditions, preliminary visual and records inspections, the scope of a subsequent more detailed pre-purchase inspection, acceptance terms, and the timing and location for delivery, closing, and registration related matters.

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Working in partnership with you and your flight department, we'll oversee and assist with the pre-purchase inspection to insure the seller rectifies all discrepancies detailed in the purchase agreement's delivery conditions and identify other items which could impact the aircraft's maintenance or refurbishment requirements post-closing.

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For some buyers the purchasing process doesn’t end at closing. Many of our clients ask that we assist with the planning and oversight if upgrades to avionics, cabin amenities & aesthetics and paint so your aircraft precisely fits your needs.

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Over our 30+ years , Wentworth has maintained strong working relationships with renowned professionals in general aviation. We can recommend trusted consultants, crew services, operators, insurance partners, escrow agents, MRO's, maintenance programs, legal experts, and tax advisors so you're in the best hands through every stage of your acquisition and operation.

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