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About Wentworth


Wentworth has over 31 years of experience brokering sales and acquisitions of private aircraft all over the world. Based in the New York City metro area places us in the heart of the business world and within arms reach of many major airports. Wentworth has built a reputation, not just a broker, but as a trusted partner to seasoned Fortune 100 flight departments and first time owners alike.


Wentworth’s transactions have involved buyers and sellers in 45 countries and six continents. With so much international experience, Wentworth is well versed with the challenges of cross-border transactions ranging from regulatory, VAT, import/export, and registration issues.


Wentworth has had so many repeat customers because buyers, sellers, and brokers trust our fair and ethical business practices. Our first and only priority is to our client; and our recommendations are always free of conflicts of interest.


Wentworth's years of experience buying and selling aircraft and relationships with industry professionals together make for a legacy of happy clients. We have access to the most up-to-date listings and market analytics while presenting all of that information to our client under the lens of decades of experience. 

Give us a call today and we'll give you a free consultation to get a sense of your sales and acquisitions needs. 

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