Wentworth specializes in the acquisition and sales of corporate and V.I.P. aircraft.  Our 60+ years of experience includes many types spanning helicopters, turboprops, corporate and VVIP Jets.  We are considered the global market leader in the  "hybrid" V.V.I.P./Corporate Airliner marketplace where manufacturers and financial institutions use our services to assess and evaluate these aircraft.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the advantages and characteristics of aircraft in this unique market sector.

Despite the abundance of data on the internet, 80% of buyers and sellers still use the services of an aircraft broker.  They realize experience makes for more informed decisions, expands the potential market base to include buyers or sellers not known to the open market, and helps secure the most advantageous price and terms.  As their brokers our customers know they will benefit directly of the favorable terms we negotiate.  

Treating our clients as our partners in business has resulted in a 95% repeat/referral customer rate.  We believe the chances of a successful sale increases when buyers and sellers have the option to interface directly without broker imposed limitations and our clients alone determine the degree to which that occurs.  We encourage clients to consider multiple market products where possible, in order to benefit from the interplay of market timing on similar product lines.

Our global vision and experience with many international business cultures has lead to decades of win-win transactions in 40+ countries which averages 50% of our annual business.  When cross-border constraints present regulatory and other challenges, Wentworth's know-how brings those transaction to a successful close. Wentworth's world-wide strategic alliances with carefully vetted aviation professionals insures we locate the best aircraft for our buyers and/or highest and most reliable bids for our sellers.  We closely follow cross-border trends so our clients will not miss the exceptional opportunities that international marketplaces can present.


Wentworth’s clientele, as buyer or seller, are always able to interface directly with each other without broker or dealer imposed limitations.   The degree of transparency in any acquisition or sale is left to the discretion of our clientele.


Our experience in evaluating and appraising aircraft, coupled with 30+ years of experience of the impact global economic trends on aircraft values, are assets for which time has no shortcut.  We encourage clients to consider multiple market products whenever possible, in order benefit from the interplay of market timing on similar product lines.  We closely follow cross-border trends and encourage customers to expand their search beyond domestic aircraft in order to avail themselves of the exceptional opportunities that a global marketplace can present.


Data is easily obtained in this internet age, yet 80% of buyers and sellers continue to use the services of a broker.  They know the expertise of an experienced reputable broker will secure them the most advantageous price and terms, will help them select  the replacement aircraft that best meets their needs, and will expand the potential product and client base to include the maximum potential aircraft and buyers.  As brokers actively engaged in the marketplace on a daily basis, we can provide our acquisition clients with information far superior to that available from a pure acquisition agent.  Wentworth ensures its clients possess sufficient information to make informe



Assisting clients in locating and negotiating the purchase of aircraft that best meet their needs comprises over half our business. Our analysis of on and off market aircraft thoroughly evaluates their equipment in terms of the importing country’s requirements and future FAA or ICAO equipment mandates, and cost valuations in terms of overall market strength. The chosen chosen aircraft then go through a detailed valuation v. similar competing aircraft and recent sales to establish the correct target purchase price.  Our services include all aspects of the purchase process including contract negotiations, pre-purchase inspection oversight, post-sale equipment changes,  spare parts purchase, import, export, and crewing so that the client transitions seamlessly into its new aircraft operation

Two  Falcon 2000's - the  8th and 9th aircraft we have purchased or sold for a long-time client

Our status as purely aircraft brokers and not dealers assures our customers they will reap the benefits of the favorable transaction terms we negotiate.  Wentworth has established strategic alliances with carefully vetted aviation professionals worldwide.   On the sell side these time-tested professional relationships assure our clientele the highest and most reliable trade bids, and access to the maximum marketplace of buyers and aircraft.  On the buy side these relationships give us access to current and upcoming off-market aircraft and confidential sales data that is crucial to accurate market analysis.  When cross-border constraints present a challenge, be it regulatory or financial, Wentworth’s know-how will find a way to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion

A Falcon 900EX - the 15th aircraft we have sold (and purchased) for a long-time client

Executive Airliners

Wentworth is perhaps best known for its experience and expertise in the Executive Airliner markets.  We have sold all but one of the recent 757 sales, including the sale of Paul Allen's 757 to The Trump Organization, and in 2018 we concluded the sale of the 767 operated for Google.

The advantages of converted airliners are overlooked by many corporate buyers.  Today’s commercial airline market presents outstanding purchase opportunities which hark back to those of the early 1980’s.  Wentworth always welcomes the opportunity to discuss the advantages and intricacies of executive airliner conversions.



Wentworth completed the sale of a VIP 767 to a company in Malaysia


Wentworth lists a Boeing BBJ2 in partnership with Jet Connections Ltd, UK


Wentworth brings an extraordinary Global Express to the market


Wentworth brings a gorgeous Falcon 900EX and two Bell 430 helicopters to the market.

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