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Decades before Boeing introduced the Boeing Business Jet, Wendy Bierwirth had established an international reputation for her expertse in VIP Airliners.

The VIP Airliner is a “hybrid” aircraft with unique commercial and corporate attributes.  Our track record in this sector hinges on our grasp of the commercial aspects of the aircraft, our ability to ferret out candidate corporate/executive and Head of State buyers for the aircraft, and an expertise in pointing out its advantages v. its more traditional competitors:  the Gulfstream and Global.  Because of their unique customization, the analysis of VIP Airliners is far more complex than that of a standard corporate jet.

The advantages of converted airliners are overlooked by many corporate buyers.  Wentworth always welcomes the opportunity to discuss the advantages and intricacies of executive airliner conversions.

Our experience involves dozens of VIP Airliner transactions including close to a dozen heads and future heads of state.

If you are thinking of buying or selling, please give us a call to discuss your requirements. A VIP Airliner buyer is not likely to purchase without contacting Wentworth.

Contact us to see if a VIP airliner might fit your requirements:

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