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Wendy Bierwirth


With over 35 years of aviation brokerage experience, Wentworth was established by Wendy Bierwirth in 1991 in metropolitan Washington. We now have ancillary offices in metropolitan New York, Boston, and on the West Coast.  Wentworth operates around the clock for its clients assuring they receive the best service possible.  With a solid clientele base in the Middle East, we ensure that one of our staff is available during the western weekends. 


Acquiring aircraft for our clientele represents approximately one half of our business.  Be it a sale or an acquisition, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients maximize the value of their resources.


Wentworth’s transactions have involved clients from 45 countries and six continents. Conversant in Spanish, French, Italian and German, we are particularly well suited to promote a client's aircraft on a worldwide basis.  Although we are based in the U.S., we pride ourselves in bringing an international perspective to both our acquisitions and sales, always keeping the comfort level of our international clientele foremost in our minds.


Wentworth works on a full disclosure basis with our clients, so that they can reassure themselves at any time that we are doing the best possible job for them by speaking directly with the buyer or seller.   Our experience in the past two economic setbacks will assist our clients in evaluating current market trends.  Our know-how in evaluating candidate aircraft and the favorable relationship we enjoy with fellow professionals will increase the likelihood of securing a premium aircraft at a beneficial price.


Wentworth does not “double dip”, to use a disturbing industry phrase.  We look solely to our client for a success fee. If the transaction does not succeed, we are not paid.  We do not take additional fees from sellers or their agents. We do not “flip” aircraft through intermediary dealers to increase our return. We do not take incentives or commission fees from financial institutions.  Incentives are common in our business. We ensure our clients know what discounts we can secure for them in the acquisition process, be it for financing, crew training, etc.


Wentworth owes part of its success to the informal worldwide network of fellow professionals we have developed over the years, heavy market saturation with our products, and an open working relationship with our clients which brings them back as repeat customers.

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